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Hard Out Here.

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After years and fears and smiling through my tears
All I ask of you open your ears
Cus the truth ain’t pretty my dear It’s been dark been hard out
On my way
Figured a way
Figured a way out
my pen is a gun pen is a gun
I’m finna spray no
whe said I was out
said I was done look at his face now
tell them boys
Feeling them boys
Meet at the stake house
I been a mess
So I’m in a dress
And I got my cakes out
sleeping on her
sleeping on me
I’m your face now
What (do) you know about hustling
As a young girl in the dungeons
What you know about making amends
With the devils in your face you must pretend
I’m from ends
But I’m a actor
Smile in your face
all a the pricks
all a the wankas
I had to chill
Smoke it away
manage my anger
What you know about systems
About drugged drinks
Fucking nearly dying from
you start wonder why I’m
Without the lord
I’d take my life
For all the times I’ve been a victim
Oooh no weapon formed against me shall ever prosper
All the white men CEO’s fuck your privilege
get your pink chubby hands of my mouth
Fuck you think this is
I told my lawyer stand by (War )
There is no wrath like a women scorned
Uh now I bet you wish
Baby I bounce
Baby I bounce
Baby I bounce back
The devils a liar
I am the guy
Call me the Conrad
I been too nice
Triple the price
Pay me the whole bag
These motherfuckers cheatin on me
Am I a wag
(Never again)
Top a the day
Top a the day
Top a the day to you
This LP
full a the shit
I’m fina say to you Oooh
See how I flow
When I’m in pain
Im guna pray for you
Then ima aim for you
and it’s a shame for you
Shame for youuuu
What you know about violence
I’m on smoke now
Babe I think it’s time to cut the violins
can’t see you
I’m looking at the inside of my eyelids
I’ll never stop fighting
All in Gods timing
And I’m about to have these grown men crying
You wasn’t trying
you was sitting on diamonds
You gon have to see me now
Hyped up
Very fucking
All these lies
Now I see it so clear
See for girls like me
From the bottom of the tier
Believe that it’s always been
hard out here